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About Our Office Fruit Delivery Service

Hello we are the Dennis brothers, Barry and Brian from Clontarf and we are The Fruit People! We offer a friendly and reliable office fruit delivery service to companies all over Ireland. We’re passionate about all things health and fitness related and believe that we are playing a role in the promotion of workplace nutrition one box that a time.

We offer a wide selection of fruit boxes for you to choose from, you can order anything from a normal 45-50 piece fruit box, berry bundles, fruit hampers, healthy snack selection box, juices and dairy products! Whatever your office fruit requirements are, we are confident that we can meet them!

How it works!

Ordering a fruit box for your office is a very simple process. Firstly you order what you would like from our website if are unsure in anyway please email or call us, we’re here to help! We deliver fresh fruit and healthy snacks at a time and address you request. You can order your fruit box online via this website or we can arrange an invoice to be sent after for payment to your accounts department, the choice is yours.

How The Fruit People came about

DSC_2444The origins of our business come from a place where many great Irish companies start – travel and witnessing other ideas and cultures. Before getting in to the fruit delivery business, we were in our family business H.B.Dennis Motors.

In 2009 the business, like most of the economy, was veering on the downside, so as young guns in our 20s, we both took this time to go travelling and working abroad.

At the same time Barry was travelling Australia and started to work for a company called ‘Aussie Farmers Direct’. This company supplied homes with fresh produce, fruit, veg, milk etc. When Barry returned from his travels he started to work for a small company in Dublin that was supplying homes and saw a great opportunity in this area.

It was while working at this company that we saw there was a growing demand from the corporate industry for fresh fruit in the workplace. So we decided to start The Fruit People and target workplaces around Dublin, and from tiny acorns, our business began.

Health Trends

fruit-box-deluxeWe’ve definitely seen a change in the way companies treat their employees, and we want to be a small part of that. At the beginning of our journey, we were just out of the recession and companies were being very conscious about what they were spending. But that slowly changed, and we find that people are more receptive to what we do. We’ve even noticed another big change that there is now a person in most companies dedicated to health and wellbeing. When we call them they are very excited to try out the service. The feedback we are getting is great – for as little as €80 per month everyone gets a perk. Employers seem to like us a lot too, because to give one person a bonus of €80 at the end of the month means very little, but to show the entire office that there health is important sends a very positive message!

We think this will continue and is being drivin from the larger companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon. They realise that the people of these companies are their best assets and for smaller companies to attract good people they will have to show that they too value the people that work for them.

The Future

DSC_2457So what’s our past and present, but what’s coming next? At the moment we have expansion plans for the company into other counties but there is still a lot to do in Dublin so its not going to be for a few months yet! We are changing around the website so we are also going to be changing around our product range. Due to a high demand from people asking us to supply veg Juices we are adding them on in the coming weeks, and we think that’s going to be a big success, so keep and eye on the website.

Here’s to better health and happier workplaces for all!

Barry & Brian