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Rozanne Stevens | Luscious Strawberries in Summer

Strawberries and cream are synonymous with Wimbledon, so much so that retailers are putting images of racquets and tennis balls on strawberry punnets to nudge consumers. Sneaky but effective! Even if you’re not a sporting fan, by the finals, most people are rooting for their favourites with great fervour but strawberries in summertime is the real […]

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Rozanne Stevens | My Early Summer Seasonal Shopping Basket

If you look in my shopping basket you may see a bottle of bubbly and some chocolate, but you’ll notice that more than half is made up of fresh fruits and vegetables. As a citrus farmer’s daughter, I have grown up with a love of fresh produce and it’s reflected in my style of cooking […]

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Dublin Staff Relay with PwC 2017: Fruit + Fitness + Fun!

We’re proud for The Fruit People to be one of the sponsors of Staff Relay Series again this year as healthy eating, physical activity and exercise all combine to make workplace wellbeing, job satisfaction and career enjoyment a universal goal – something we’re very passionate about as Dublin’s leading office fruit delivery service. If you’re tired of the same old […]

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Rozanne Stevens | Gorgeous Rhubarb

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One of the first signs that Spring has sprung for me is spotting the first bunches of pinkly delicious rhubarb. Rhubarb is one of the few fruits (well, a vegetable actually) that has escaped year-round availability and is still seasonal. While I love strawberries, for instance, there’s something a little weird about seeing them on […]

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Rozanne Stevens | An Apple A Day

I love anything involving apples, from apple pie through to appletini cocktails. Apples are a truly versatile fruit in both savoury and sweet dishes, with many classic combinations such as pork and apple sauce and homemade apple tart (click through for our recipes). Not to mention all the boozy incarnations, such as cider and calvados! Sadly, […]

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National Workplace Wellbeing Day 2017: Why It’s Important

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Back for a third year is Ireland’s National Workplace Wellbeing Day, taking place on Friday 31st March 2017. We’ve long been supporters of this fantastic campaign as it directly relates to what we do as Dublin’s best office fruit delivery service – we’re passionate about employee wellbeing, health and happiness and so are these guys. […]

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