So, you want to be a yogi? You have a vision of yourself feeling exceptionally zen with your feet extending far over your head. You can get there! Nothing is stopping you…except perhaps time. Yes, the fickle friend that is time. It passes too fast, or it goes too slow, and there is never enough of it. Finding the time to improve yourself and nurture your hobbies outside of work hours is a common challenge. If you’re not a morning person and tend to feel tuckered out after work, your yoga dreams can easily slip away from you.

That’s why we think your lunch break is the perfect time to attend a yoga class! We’ve been doing a bit of research into what are the best yoga spots around the city centre, and we’ve come up with a list of the ones that provide lunchtime sessions. Check it out!

5 places you can do yoga on your lunch break in Dublin - the fruit people - dublin

Lunchtime Yoga classes in Dublin

1. Samadhi – Temple Bar

You’d be hard-pressed to get more central than Temple Bar. Whether you are just starting out, or want to become a yoga teacher, Samadhi will get you where you need to be. Samadhi has been knocking around since 2005 and they have built a strong reputation for top-quality yoga classes since then. Their lunchtime classes are perfectly timed from 1.10 – 1.50pm so you can arrive stress-free and get back before the boss misses you. In this express class, you’ll get to test out a combination of yoga poses with long holds for maximum benefits.

2.  Elbowroom – Stoneybatter

Elbowroom offers a ton of fun classes to try out including handstand workshops, break dancing, mini jam (for toddlers) and, for something more reflective, you could always go for the Candlelight Restorative Flow with Reiki Healing. But most importantly, they have lunchtime yoga classes. You can pick from Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa Flow depending on what day of the week suits you best. Elbowroom is super kitted out, so you can expect a truly professional experience while you’re there. P.S They have a Face Yoga Workshop on Saturdays – yes, FACE yoga!

5 places you can do yoga on your lunch break in Dublin - the fruit people - dublin 3

3) Anahata – St Stephen’s Green

Is your office located around the St Stephen’s Green area? If so, Anahata is going to be very handy for you. Nabin Thapa is the founder, and he is all about tapping into your chakra and finding the balance between your physical and spiritual self. Coming from a small village in Nepal, he grew up in a community of Shaman healers and yogis. Now, with his team of yoga experts, he teaches yoga to us Dubliners and if you just want a rejuvenating massage that can be organised too! If you’ve ever thought about visiting Nepal, Nabin organises yoga trips there regularly so you can really get a feel for the local experience.

4) Yoga Kitchen – The Liberties

Check out the website homepage for this one to get an instant dose of good vibes! If you’re not sure whether yoga or pilates works best for you then you’re in luck because Yoga Kitchen does both. At lunchtime, the schedule is Somatics Yoga or Pilates depending on what day you go. Somatics yoga focuses on the internal physical perception and experience instead of external performance. If there are Mammies in the office, give them a heads up about Yoga Kitchen because they have a great selection of pregnancy yoga classes to choose from.

5 places you can do yoga on your lunch break in Dublin - the fruit people - dublin 3

5) Yogahub – Camden Place, Castleknock and Phibsboro

Yogahub describes themselves as “The friendliest classes in Dublin” and seems as we’re the friendliest fruit delivery service in Dublin, we like their style! As you can see, they have a few locations, so you have no excuse not to go. They have express classes at lunchtime to get you back to the office in time. Their Flow classes are suitable for all abilities, covering a range of poses that are just the right amount of challenging to keep you on your toes. If you decide to take your yoga to the next level, they have a long list of workshops to choose from so there is bound to be one just right for you.

Bonus round: Irish yoga girl – comes to your office!

Did none of the above locations suit you? Then maybe the yoga needs to come to you. Oh yes, there is no mitching class now when Laura Farrington and her team at Irish Yoga Girl are happy to arrive at your doorstep and get the whole office contorting themselves into all sorts of shapes! This is a fantastic way to trigger some team bonding once a week and keep everyone feeling healthy and energetic. If stress levels have a tendency to run high in the workplace, then this is a great way to keep burnout at bay and take care of the people who bring the most value to the company.

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