A hybrid workplace is one where employees work some days from the office and others from home. Post-pandemic, the hybrid workstyle has become the new normal for many organisations.

Although several studies have shown that employees who partake in a hybrid work model are happier and more productive compared to the full-time office work style, several challenges and concerns have risen as a result of the hybrid work style, which is a relatively newer concept.

What are some of the challenges faced by hybrid workers?

Some of the challenges that have arisen due to the hybrid working style include the following:

  • Social isolation among employees
  • Challenges with maintaining a workplace culture
  • Less access to work resources
  • Disrupted processes
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Lack of routine and poor time management due to distractions at home
  • More difficulty in coordinating work schedules & timelines
  • Impaired employee-manager relationship.

With the rise of the challenges mentioned above come opportunities to solve these problems.

Here at The Fruit People HQ, we recommend you try out these 5 virtual team-building activities for your hybrid workplace.

1. Plan virtual fitness sessions

Although your staff may be working from home, you still want to promote a sense of integration amongst them. One way of doing this is to organise virtual fitness sessions that all remote staff should join in.

In this session, a lead trainer shows fun, easy exercises over an online video call and everyone who partakes must follow along and put on their camera. The workouts don’t have to be intense. A simple 3-minute jumping jack session will leave everyone with a good laugh and a bit sweaty.

Do this one Friday a month and call it “Virtual Fitness Fridays”.

2. Send in a fruit box to your employees’ homes during their remote days

Here’s a fun idea you can try – especially if you’re all in the same city. On their remote workdays, send in a box of fruits to each of your employee’s homes and schedule a time for a virtual unboxing session where each team member shares what they got. This will promote a sense of togetherness amongst colleagues. The fruit people can help you deliver boxes of fresh fruits and other fridge and beverage supplies in Dublin and the rest of Ireland.

Box of fruit

3. Have virtual knowledge sharing sessions

This activity promotes inclusiveness amongst colleagues. Everyone, no matter their role, usually has an area of expertise outside their job function. Why not set up a particular day where a team member is selected to teach the entire team something interesting outside work? Imagine the knowledge and new perspective your staff will gain, plus interesting new topics to talk about.

You should draw up a calendar for this activity and fix everyone into a slot. We advise you to put out the schedule well ahead so everyone can have enough time to prepare for their day.

Woman ordering fruit online

4. Organise virtual karaoke sessions

Virtual karaoke sessions always go well and are memorable amongst colleagues. This activity will get your employees to loosen up and have more fun. Have a music lover on the team play the host and have team members request for the lyrics of a particular song to be displayed on the screen via YouTube. Have whoever requests a song sing their heart to the cheering of their team members. Make team members take turns requesting songs and singing.

5. Have virtual lunch

Have team members set a timeframe where everyone joins in for lunch from their various locations. Team members should share what they’re having for lunch while talking about their meals. This simple activity can spark new friendships among team members. If you want to make it fun, send some cooking ingredients to employees and ask them to make their lunch with these ingredients.

If you’re in Dublin or Ireland, The Fruit people can make this happen.

A woman eating a healthy salad at the office

We hope you’ve found some fun team-building activities for your hybrid working teams from the list above. Which one is your favourite, and will you be trying this any time soon?