With Halloween falling on a weekday this year, it presents a unique opportunity to offices nationwide. Given that you will be in the workplace, why not get in the mood and celebrate with some Halloween-themed workplace activities?!

Chocolate Covered Fruits

You didn’t really think we were going to advocate buying ALL of the sweets and chocolate did you? No matter, we’ve got some tasty treats that you’ll enjoy just as much! Grab a few bars of good quality dark chocolate and melt them using this technique. Grab a few pieces of fruit from The Fruit People fruit box and chop into small segments. Dip them into the melted chocolate and place in the fridge until set. Voila…you’ve now got some deliciously healthy treats to snack on during the workday!

Carve a Watermelon

Ditch the pumpkin this year and have a watermelon-carving competition in the office! The best thing about this workplace activity is that you get to eat it after. While carving pumpkins is great craic, nobody likes dealing with all the seeds and insides you need to get rid of first. Thankfully, this won’t be a problem with watermelons with their edible inside meaning nothing will go to waste.

Go Bobbing for Apples (or other fruit!)

Time to get messy! Sure, this might seem a bit childish at first, but it’s good to get the workplace loosened up every now and then. Fill a bucket with water before adding apples, orange segments, berries or pears from your office fruit box. Assign each fruit a different points total and see who can get the most in 1 minute!

Play Hide The Spider

Did we just make this game up? Yes. Will you maybe get called into HR for scaring the bejaysus out of your colleague? Maybe. Will it be worth it? Definitely! Pick up some fake spiders from the pound shop or supermarket and hide them in your favourite colleagues desk. Warning: we recommend only playing this game with those who won’t take it too seriously!

Team Outing to The Nightmare Realm

Take a day or evening off and head to one of the best Halloween events in the country. The walk-through horror experience has been getting rave reviews and takes place in the RDS in Dublin. This workplace activity will be radically different from your regular ‘after-work drinks’ and ends on Friday 1st so you will need to book it soon!