The Fruit People’s favourite ways to add more fruit into your diet.

Now that March has arrived, those New Year’s resolutions you made to eat healthier feel like a long time ago, don’t they? We understand how difficult it can be to keep healthy habits up after the initial excitement of starting a new goal dies down, especially once you’re back to work. Not to worry though, The Fruit People are here to help! As Ireland’s number 1 fruit delivery service, we like to think we know a thing or two about fruit which is why we’re going to share some tasty, fun and most importantly, manageable ways to add more healthy fruit to your daily office routine.


    1. Add fruit to your water – Not only will this pimp out your water and encourage you to drink more throughout the day (always a good thing), it makes for a perfect Instagram moment, but make sure you actually eat the pieces of fruit at the end of the day!

      Fruit In Glass Of Water


    1. Morning Porridge – oats are one of the most versatile foods, and a great addition to any office pantry. Simply add milk or water to a cup of oats and heat in the microwave until your desired consistency is achieved. Once this is done, the world is your oyster! Banana, blueberries, apricot and peach are all fantastic additions to this morning treat and another great way to get 1, 2 or even 3 of your 5-a-day in.

      Fruit In Porridge


    1. Smoothies – when you’re on the go and running behind schedule in the morning, smoothies are your best friend. Pretty much every fruit will go well in a smoothie, just be sure not to overdo it with frozen items as you may end up with a sorbet instead! You can even make a big batch on a Sunday evening and freeze 5 portions in freezer-friendly bottles to save time.

      Fruit Smoothie


    1. Start an office fruit club! – wHere’s how it works. Gather a few of your colleagues who are interested in adding a bit more fruit to their diets, ask each one to contribute a small donation each week (€5 is plenty) and with this, one member of the group will be tasked with bringing in a whole host of fruits at the start of the week for you all to share. The fruit leader will change each week and the great thing about it is each week will be a surprise! If this sounds like a bit too much work then our next tip will suit you better….

      Orange On Keyboard


  1. Have fresh fruit delivered to your office every week – and yes, this is in fact the service that we provide. Having fresh fruit delivered to your door every week or two is a sure fire way to add more to your diet. Having the stuff within an arm’s length of your desk ensures that healthy food is always accessible, and like we mentioned at the beginning of this post, making this healthy habit manageable is key!

You can even try a free trial of our fruit basket delivery service to see how you get on. We hope you employ a few of these methods, and if you have more yourself, please let us know in the comments below!