Behind the Scenes with The Fruit People

A lot goes on behind the scenes at The Fruit People. Take a closer look in this new blog post, where we walk you through our recent trip to a Spanish orange farm in Valencia. We discuss the important decisions involved in choosing our fruit producers and suppliers and how we create close relationships with them while improving traceability and transparency in the supply chain.

The Fruit Supply Chain and Traceability

As many of you will have seen from recent social posts, The Fruit People broke ground on our very own warehouse, a monumental step for us! While it will provide us with some obvious benefits like more space for storage and an increase in output, it will also allow us to work on some bigger scale projects we’ve had our eyes on for years!

Our end goal is always to provide the best possible fruit boxes to our clients, and to spread the #eatmorefruit revolution as far as we can. However, there are so many important decisions that go into making that happen. From the beginning, we always wanted to create and foster strong relationships with the farms from which we source our fruits, which is something we have taken to the next level in recent weeks.

Valencia Fruit Farm

Our recent trip to Valencia is a great example of this. While it is possible and completely acceptable to source fruit through third party sellers here in Ireland, we have always wanted to have the ability to have direct relationships with as many farms as possible worldwide, an ability we now have! The local farmer in question took us on an amazing tour of his orange farm and facilities and talked us through every stage of production. From picking to packaging, a mixture of human endeavour and automated machinery is used to ensure that only the best oranges make it into the final boxes. As you can see from our video below, local workers still play a huge role in this process, spot checking and using years of experience to weed out any pieces of fruit that don’t reach the farm’s high standard. This is the exact level of detail we love to see and provides us with full transparency and trust when we decide to make an order of fruit that will end up in our clients’ offices


We learned a lot during this trip and can’t wait to see the fruit of our labor (no pun intended) as we begin to source more of our fruit directly from farms such as these. We are planning a lot more of these trips in the near future so keep an eye out for more stories like these on our blog!