What have we been given by our American cousins that we’re thankful for? Hot dogs? Pecan pie? Oreos… With 4th of July this weekend, we wanted to celebrate one of the best (and healthiest) things that North America continues to supply to the world abundantly – blueberries!

We love these little navy-hued nuggets, which are perfectly in season all summer (did you know they can be added to any of our deliveries too?) Low in calories, high in nutrients, packed with antioxidants and delicious to boot, what can’t these little blue marbles of goodness do? Anti-bacterial – yes! Anti-inflammatory – correct! Choc full of Vitamin A, E, C, and K – you betcha!

punnets of blueberries, fresh blueberries, blueberries in tub

Running all regular

Yes, you know what we mean. A handful of these will also add some fibre/roughage to your diet and all the vitamins and minerals will aid the natural flow of digestion.

Cancer killer

You’ve heard through the grapevine that blueberries prevent against cancer right? Weeellll, sort of! It’s actually the anthocyanins (that gloriously navy/black/purple hue) that helps protect against free radicals, tumours and cancer in the body. Precious, really, because so few other foods bear the distinguishable colour that blueberries have. And who said eating something that’s grown blue is bad for you?!

Urine good health

Not to get too technical, but big molecules inside blueberries when broken down help to wash-off urinary tract bacteria, aiding to prevent infection.

Remember this

Scientists are also researching a link between bluebs and memory. Wait, what did you just say? YES! Mega memory skills for those who bask in the blueberry.

blueberries, blueberry breakfast, blueberries in bowl, kitchen table blueberries

Nutritionists argue that even small improvements will begin to drastically change your diet over time, and lots of them say eating more blueberries is one of the best small changes to make. The list of health benefits is too long to even mention, and with a fruit that tastes this good from breakfast to dessert, what are you holding out for?

Naturally, blueberries are amazing at breakfast. Add to crisp granola, chuck into pancakes, boil them down into a sweet ‘n’ sharp jam to spread on toast or stir through porridge. Snack on ‘em through the day at work (even better when frozen and eaten direct from the freezer on hot, muggy days when you’re chained to the desk) or add them to a nice salad for a fruity boost – particularly good with peppery rocket, sharp feta and refreshing cucumber. Why not bake them into a clafoutis for dessert or simply have them as-is and drizzled with a little Greek yoghurt and local honey as a healthy and satisfying after-dinner treat?

close up blueberries, fresh blueberries, freshly picked blueberries

For recipe ideas, we love Peachy Palate’s blueberry orange smoothie; Nessa’s Family Kitchen’s blueberry compote; Rosanna Davison’s blueberry whip with raw-nola; Roz Purcell’s gluten-free blueberry muffins; and Wholesome Ireland’s blueberry slice (for when feeling a little indulgent and in the mood for a bake!) Check out their blogs, we’ve subscribed and love reading them!

Though lots of studies have been done on how blueberries affect your health, results are – as of yet – inconclusive as it’s difficult to ascertain the sole benefits of individual fruits, but we’re all for a balanced diet here at The Fruit People and every portion of fresh fruit added to your diet is music to our ears! Feeling fruity and looking to undertake a healthy eating plan while at work? Book in your first delivery today (and make sure to include our special berry bundle too!)