Whenever you have a few days off, it’s often tempting to laze around and catch up on your favourite shows as well as that sleep you missed out on during the week. Sometimes though, you will end up feeling none the better for it after your break. Active leisure is something we always encourage here at The Fruit People, that is going out and doing something that stimulates your brain or body. Here are a few Dublin hikes for you to try while you have some days off.

The Howth Cliff Walk

Get yourself near a DART station and grab a train to the stunning seaside village of Howth while taking in beautiful scenery along the way. The Howth Cliff walk takes you up and around the edge of Howth’s cliffs where you will pass the iconic Baily Lighthouse. This hike isn’t the most strenuous, and with an array of restaurants and pubs awaiting you at the finish line, you will have plenty of options to treat yourself as a reward.


Nestled in the Dublin Mountains, any mountain bikers out there will instantly recognise Ticknock. You will need a car to get to this destination but for the stunning views of Dublin Bay that await you at the top, it’s worth it. Although many make it up to the ‘masts’ and feel a great sense of accomplishment, if you want to push it even further, head up the winding steps to the secretive location locals call The Fairy Castle!

Mountpelier Hill AKA The Hell Fire Club

As long as you don’t run around the ‘haunted house’ 3 times while calling for the devil himself, you shouldn’t encounter any trouble on this Dublin hike! Also set in the Dublin Mountains, Mountpelier Hill is a fantastic place to bring your doggo friends as they will love to get in and around the local bush. Bring your hiking boots, it tends to get muddy during any type of rain!

Bray to Greystones

Ok we know this doesn’t really fall into the ‘Dublin Hike’ description but we simply couldn’t leave it out. Begin at either end and pack a lunch, as this 2-3 hour walk can definitely take it out of you. We would always recommend starting at Bray so that you can treat yourself to a lunch from our favourite twins, The Happy Pear!

With so many more hikes we could have covered in this blog post, we might have to revisit it for a part 2 soon! Make sure to take a few pieces of fruit from your office fruit box if you plan on going, apples and bananas will be a great source of energy along the way, and why not get your colleagues involved too!