Employee Wellbeing: The Key to Business Success

//Employee Wellbeing: The Key to Business Success

Employee Wellbeing: The Key to Business Success

‘Wellbeing’ is a broad term. It includes all aspects relating to the way an individual feels. This includes feelings about their job and their relationships with the people around them. It also has to do with their life outside of the work. Research shows that the way a workplace is run can affect and influence employee wellbeing.

Most organisations have only recently started to see the benefits of investing in the wellbeing of their employees. From engagement with the company to productivity and turnover, employee wellbeing plays a massive role in the overall success of an organisation.

When done right, investment in wellbeing can help to reduce the associated costs of employee turnover. When ignored, poor wellbeing negatively affects our emotions which in turn affects those around us.

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5 Reasons Positive Wellbeing is Good for Business

As a society, we’re recognising the importance of wellbeing in every aspect of our lives. This is why contributing to the overall success of your employees can have amazing impacts on your business. Organisations that aren’t focusing on employee wellbeing will see it affect their retention rate and recruiting efforts.

Increasing retention rate: Your retention rate greatly affects your company’s recruitment efforts. While salary and other benefits are important, they can only go so far.

Improving productivity: It should go without saying that employees who are physically and mentally healthy are more productive. Encouraging positive mental health in the workplace reduces stress and allows employees to focus on work.

Improving productivity: It should go without saying that employees who are physically and mentally healthy are more productive. Encouraging positive mental health in the workplace reduces stress and allows employees to focus on work.

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Reducing costs of absenteeism: A study by Irish Examiner show that workplace absence is costing the Irish economy upwards of €1.5 billion in lost productivity every year. By offering simple measures like free fruit days or discounted gym memberships you’re able to reduce this cost.

Improve engagement: Research shows that employees who are more engaged with their company are also more productive and profitable for the business. It also shows that these employees call in sick less that employees who aren’t engaged with the company.

6 Tips to Improve Wellbeing at Work

Work smarter: This doesn’t mean do more work or leave the office later, it means working effectively. Identify how you’re currently spending your time and consider how you can do better.

Mindfulness training: While this doesn’t eliminate stress, it plays a huge role in reducing it. Practices like meditation and yoga enhance efficiency and productivity.

Fresh fruit days: having fresh fruit delivered to the office encourages your workers to think about their health and current lifestyle. Offering free fruit in the workplace is an inexpensive way to show them that they’re valued. From a financial point of view, it also delivers a massive return on investment from a health and wellness perspective. Because employees are healthier (physically and mentally), they’re less likely to call in sick.

Employee Wellbeing

Employee assistance programmes: EAP services provide a complete health and wellbeing package including a support platform. These services offer counselling and other support for employees experiencing a variety of issues. They deal with everything from depression and anxiety to financial and relationships problems.

Encourage balance: A healthy work/life balance reduces multitasking while allowing employees to focus on single tasks more productively. Encouraging a balance between work and home means that they can come back refreshed and focused.

On-site fitness programmes: Physical exercise does wonders for your mental health. It’s better for life balance, joy, longevity and work. If you have cash to splash, you should consider investing in an on-site gym. From a full-scale fitness centre to a room for yoga classes, the possibilities are endless. Employees who feel physically fit are more likely to transfer that energy to their job.


Employee wellbeing is an important part of any business and can have detrimental effects if it’s ignored. There are numerous benefits to both your business and your employees. According to an article by the Harvard Business Review, employers that promote positive working cultures report an increase in loyalty to the organisation as well as improved staff relationships and abilities.

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