Fruit Delivery in Dublin

On our travels delivering fruit to a variety of workplaces around Dublin, we often talk about food and everything related to it with the people we deliver to – how are people reacting to fruit in the office, what do they do with it and where do they get their recipe ideas from?

And one thing that we can’t help but notice the growth of Irish food blogging.

In the past 4-5 years in particular, the Irish blogosphere has exploded, to the point now where there are literally hundreds of great food bloggers, all tweeting, instagramming and writing about the tasty recipes they concoct, from paleo to the, eh, less nutritious stuff!

If you’re getting fruit delivered in Dublin from us, but you’re stuck for fresh recipe ideas, here are four of the very best Irish foodie blogs to try out!

Food Flicker 
A ‘performance nutritionist’ working with elite teams like Dublin and Leinster Rugby, Daniel has played senior inter-county football with Sligo and London, writes for the Independent and still manages to maintain a growing food blog in ‘FoodFlicker’. Not bad eh? 

FF is growing very quickly into a favourite haunt for ‘fit not skinny’ advocates, and offers lots of great, easy recipes. From what we hear, the future is bright for the FoodFlicker brand, so expect a lot more from Dan and his team! Like FF on Facebook for some mouth-watering posts too!

Wholesome Ireland 
And now for something a little different! Caítríona Redmond is part author, part fulltime Mum, part inspired recipe creator and part parenting blogger! A mum to 2 small boys, this blog is all about an insight into Caítríona’s ‘fantastic, fresh food on a budget’ emphasis. She has even recently brought a great little book of recipes called ‘Wholesome – Feed your family well’.

As with most families with young kids, there’s plenty of time for sweet stuff too 😉

Little Green Spoon 

Dubbed ‘the healthy Irish kitchen’ LGS has a huge cult following, and offers some brilliant recipe tips and ideas for healthy, nutritious and easy meals. Clean eating is to the fore, with lots of low GI, paleo friendly dishes and some interesting desserts too! Their Instagram is also brilliant for that daily hit of foodie inspiration.

Here’s our fave fruit delivery recipe idea. 

Kelly Cooks

A Nordie with a love of meat, mischief and, well, more meat, Rory Kelly’s blog is a hive of tasty recipes and simple good food with little twists. Rory takes a lot of influence from Italian culture, meaning there’s plenty of fresh fruit and veg in most of his recipes, along with the occasional meat feast like sticky ribs or a meat laden pizza! Check this apple and pear crumble for a nice Winter warmer of a dessert.

So, there you have it! Four tasty blogs with very different styles of food, each offering another way to get more fruit and veg into your diet. So next time you get that fresh fruit delivery, check out one of these sites and you’ll have plenty of inspiration in no time!