Getting bored with your eating habits? Feeling uninspired by your ingredients? Needless to say, you already had your office’s needs met when you began using our service. (You have signed up already, haven’t you? Quick – sign up now!) Fruit can be a wonderful source of sustenance for much more than just idle snacking. Make these the star of the lunch plate or savour them through the day in a unique way – there’s endless opportunities to enjoy these little bursts of sweetness throughout the week. Here’s five fruit hacks that you can use at the office…

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Frozen grapes

Lucky enough to have a freezer in the office? Fantastic, stick a bunch of grapes in there and await a chilly present in the form of cold, crunchy grapes that are the perfect little poppets of frozen fruit to tide you over when the pangs of hunger strike each afternoon. When the heat of summer hits and there’s nothing calling your name more than an ice cream or chilled lolly, these will act as a fantastically healthy and cooling treat.

apple crisps dried

Fruit crisps

Have a leftover apple or some pears that might not get used while at their best? Slice them as thin as you can and pop them on a baking sheet in a low oven (about 100ºC for 90 minutes should do it) and you will have crisp, dried-out fruit snacks to chomp on all day. Just like kale crisps, these are basically like sweets and crisps combined in one fantastic snack – intensely sweet and sure to keep that craving for processed sugar treats throughout the working day at bay.


Overripe bananas

Some of us love ‘em, some hate ‘em. It’s true that bananas sweeten with age and the riper the better for the likes of banana bread. If you can’t stomach gulping down a brown-spotted or slightly mushy banana in the office (maybe leftover from your fruit delivery) stick it in your porridge in the morning before heating and, hey presto, watch it vanish and instantly transform your favourite breakfast with flavour. The banana will disappear allowing you to enjoy the benefits without gagging on the texture or sight!


Apple with cheese

The simplest of snacks, apples and cheese are a surprisingly perfect pair and you will find these little flavour bursts becoming easily addictive. Balancing sweet and salty with creaminess and crunch, this quick snack will satisfy cravings at any time of the day and you can rest assured that it’s a million times more substantial and nourishing than a chocolate bar or packet of crisps. Slice in rounds, wedges, cubes and assemble one portion of cheese atop each, in a similar shape.


Replace fruit with vegetables

Seriously. Ever had a fresh, green salad with some salty halloumi cheese then topped with slices of juicy and sweet peach? Heaven. Strawberries and tomatoes are easily interchangeable too, like in a Caprese salad. Crispy, slightly underripe pear slices can easily take the place of cucumber – let fruit sing in both sweet and savory dishes! Why not tailor your lunch with some fruit in one of your weekly Fruit People deliveries?

So, now you know! What are you waiting for?

Get those fruits in every meal, and for our customers we’re always happy to customise exactly what you would like to find in your deliveries…