We’re on a bit of a mission at The Fruit People. It’s a mission of education that relies on people taking control of what they put into their own bodies at work and at home. It’s a mission that relies on us growing our fleet and getting in touch with as many workplaces and businesses as possible for fruit delivery. But it’s a mission that mainly relies on us getting as much fresh fruit and veg into your mouth as possible!

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Most managers will know that a healthy workforce is a more focused, efficient, happy & loyal workforce. Eating and thinking well in a holistic sense is critical. We all are aware of the adverse effects working life can have on stress, exercise, sleep, posture and so on, but did you know that your dietary habits are also a big part of your working life?

I suppose it makes sense, we spend maybe half or probably more of our week in the office or at work, and most of us fall down because of the pressure to get out the door in the morning, or to grab a quick lunch.


Nutrition experts say the most important, and most difficult place to kickstart better eating habits is the desk. People are connected to a screen all the time now, and if we’re not mindful of what we’re eating, your brain doesn’t send the satiation message to your stomach, and we’ll overeat, guaranteed.

What people eat at work is linked to their overall lifestyles and attitudes to nutrition. Snacks like nuts, fruit and the occasional treat can be perfect. Roughly 70% of Brits and 67% of Americans also eat lunch at their desks. Now we’re not going to stop this, but having the option to eat healthy instead of nuking a ready meal should be emphasised.


According to experts like Cornell University professor and food psychologist Brian Wansink, who wrote the book “Slim By Design: Mindless Eating Solutions to Everyday Life” workplaces can re-design their environment to improve the potential for healthy eating: “”The average person makes over 200 decisions about food every day,” he says. “Yet most of these a person cannot really explain. If we knew why we ate the way we do, and ate a little less, we’d be a little healthier and enjoy it a lot more.”

Poor eating choices also impact productivity and is negative for the whole organisation. In fact, it causes this shame spiral:

So there’s a real monetary benefit to have tasty fruit, veg and snacks at the ready for your workers, along with the positive benefits of having all those yummy options.

Of course, we’re biased, because that’s where our fruit delivery service comes in, but companies can make these small changes very quickly!

Here’s to a healthier workplace.