We use our mobile devices, tablets and computers more now than we ever have. Without thinking of the dirt and bacteria accumulating on every device, let’s instead celebrate how much more enriched our lives can be with the use of apps. Here’s our pick of the best apps on the market for productivity this new year, whether you’re struggling with a workload, drowning in finance management or looking to keep on top of that never-ending to-do list.



Access your to-do lists, prioritise important tasks and collaborate across groups of up to 25 people. Wunderlist’s Great functionality means that you can add notes, attach files, open PDFs and even link tasks together using hashtags in a really intuitive interface.

Omnifocus 2

Considered one of the most comprehensive apps for productivity, keep work and play separated with contexts, perspectives and focus. Ignore the irrelevant, focus on what you can do now, and accomplish more. Plus, you’ll do it all much faster than before. Omnifocus takes some getting used to (and unfortunately isn’t free) but is well worth trying out.

Evernote Food

Not sure what to have for dinner? Need a recipe quick for friends coming over? Sort your food woes out from the office with Evernote Food, an all-rounder which allows you to create a digital cookbook, meal plan and even research restaurants. It’s like Google, but tailored exclusively to food and really easy to use.



A simple note writing app that emails what you’ve written direct to your email, so you don’t have to necessarily go into your notes or to-do lists to find what you’ve written. Great for forwarding quick ideas and keeping everything streamlined through your inbox. The best apps are simple and Captio specialises and absolutely excels at the one thing its built for.


Trekking across town to pick up various bits and pieces? Checkmark sends location-based reminders of where to go and what to get next within the closest distance – great for the easily forgettable or those with no time at all to think with lists, reminder, geo-tagging and one-click rescheduling.


Does what it says on the tin, 1Password is probably the best app for efficient password control over your logins and details for various sites. Stay on top of your pins, passwords and security questions with one master password. Single tap security, what could be better?



Self-described as the ‘to-do list that helps you form good habits’, Streaks allows you to set realistic tasks and ensures you manage them with a goal-and-chain form willing you to achieve your personal best. Want to quit smoking, especially during work? Want to ensure you walk three times a day on lunch? Want to make sure you’re eating at least three to five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables daily? Let Streaks lead the way in this visually appealing app.


Your ideal expenses manager with a simple, elegant interface. Monefy breaks downs both your income and expenditure, tracking progress in graphs, data charts and doing the crucial calculations for you. A handy app that pays figurative dividends, it’s only on Android, but Saver2 is a good iPhone alternative.


Keep meaning to cancel that subscription or want to remember when contracts expire? Missing birthdays and, worse, mortgage payments? Expires will diarise those important dates and deadlines that you don’t want to miss.



A post-it-like style of note-sending allowing you to share short, snappy notes via secret URL with specifically-chosen recipients without leaving an e-mail trail or physical paper trail. Better yet, Privnote is so secure that should anyone not allowed to read try to steal a glimpse, the note in question will self-destruct and be lost forever. Pretty good for a web app, right?


Snoop on attendees of a meeting you haven’t met yet so you can gleam a general overview of who they are, what they might look like and where they represent. Not an everyday app, Charlie may come in handy if you’re business is meeting new people every single day. As it describes itself: ‘make a killer first impression’.


Formerly If This Then That, this intuitive, smart app works between popular services to ensure everything works in sync. Delegate to IF automatic tasks that you don’t want to take up your time, such as ‘mail the director everytime a newsletter goes out’ or ‘share every new Instagram post automatically on Twitter’.



Allows you to create one-time email addresses that disappear when you’re done with using them, for example when availing of discounts in shops or entering your email to win competitions. With Maildrop, turn data capture on its head and never allow your personal email to be flooded with companies (or their sneaky third parties) again. Spam be gone!


Making your smartphone awesome, Drippler teaches you about the features of your model of phone that you’re not using (with up-to-date information and an eye on the latest tools, apps and features). Use your handset more efficiently for all the tasks you never knew you could accomplish from the tap of a button.



Centre, reflect and replenish your mindframe with this wellness and mindfulness app, which will truly keep you on your toes. Bloom* inspires you to live every day to the fullest: reminders to make healthy choices, stay connected with others, manage stress, strengthen your spirit, save money, advance your career, and enhance your creativity.

Day One

A journaling app that’s seamlessly easy to use. Scribble how you’re feeling after a meeting, lookback on each day, write down what you ate and you may just begin to crack down on patterns or behaviour. A more long-term app, you never know when you will benefit from storing memories with Day One.