You’ve seen them on Instagram, you may have watched them slowly appear on menus and it seems smoothie bowls are here to stay! Other than being completely gorgeous and mesmerising they’re deliciously tasty and a great way to get fresh fruit into your diet, whilst also using up some of your favourite toppings.


Image (c) Blissful Basil

An extra thick smoothie is usually the base, often bulked out with creamy and (good) fat-filled avocado, leafy greens pulped and whizzed or just flavoured thick yoghurt. Simply use less water to create a thicker smoothie – something like the consistency of porridge – which you then pour into a wide bowl  before topping to your heart’s content.

Coconut-Banana-Oats-Smoothie-Bowl-with-Crunchy half baked harvest

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Not sipped, these are eaten with a spoon to prolong the enjoyment. Think granola and yoghurt, except go to the next level. More nutritious, fresher-tasting, thicker and more fulfilling, this breakfast will leave you feeling full and impressively light at the same time.

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Not to mention the fact these are jam packed with nutrients! Smoothie bowls will ensure you’re filling your tum with lots of fresh fruit and other good stuff first thing in the morning (or any time of the day really!)


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For fitness lovers, put in a few scoops of protein or bulk out with natural protein-rich foods like spinach, cottage cheese or kale, whilst nuts and seeds on top will provide extra protein and crunch. Texture also adds intrigue and excitement. Smoothies often get boring after the first two sips, so smoothie bowls are the perfect burst of flavour in every bite.

Image (c) TheFitFabFoodie


Here’s some ideas: top yours gloriously with chia, flaxseeds or coconut; wake with a splash with freshly-sliced fruits of all colours and varieties; or keep it classic ‘n’ crunchy with almonds, granola and peanut butter (gotta get some sliced banana in there too!)

Some of our favourite cupboard ingredients are the perfect toppings – dates, goji berries, cacao nibs, chia seeds, acai powder and exotic fresh fruits like papaya, kiwi, dragon fruit or mango.

pitaya smoothie bowl goluba kitchen

Image (c) GolubaKitchen

How could you not fall in love (and deep in hunger) with these colourful and beautiful smoothie bowls? There’s even an Instagram account dedicated entirely to smoothie bowls, so you will never lack imagination or a burst of creativity.


Image (c) MyDarlingVegan


Make it your own, go as traditional or tropical as you like;

show us your creations on our Instagram page! 😜