You’ve heard the phrase before: ‘eat your way to good health’, right? Ever considered it? With the influx of wellbeing bloggers, fitfluential fams and #cleaneating cronies telling you how, why and when to eat, it can all get a bit confusing . Let’s link up body and mind, and allow us to break down the top five superfoods you should include in your diet (already rich in fruits, of course!).


Bee pollen

The King of the superfoods is bee pollen. Now you’ve heard of honey, you know what honeycomb is, but have you tried bee pollen? Tiny golden nuggets that have a distinct aroma are among the most body-benefitting foods you can eat. A fantastic source of protein, filled with vitamins and minerals and giving your immune system a kick in the right direction, bee pollen also includes essential Amino acids which the body requires and is only sourced from food stuffs. Much respect to the bee! Sprinkle over porridge to make it magically golden; dissolve in a little water and take as a morning shot; you can even crunch your way to good health by chomping on a handful of pollen straight from the jar.



It might turn your smoothies the colour of mirky pond, but trust us, this powdered microalgae is going to make you feel amazing from the inside out. Research suggests that spirulina helps to lower cholesterol and is literally packed full of anti-inflammatory properties. Another one that’s weighed down in protein, spirulina is rich in plant pigments so now you’ll be thanking the earth for that glorious green hue! This is best in smoothies and juices to give your body a boost on the daily – a great pre-work treat, especially when combined with the glorious benefits of lots of fresh fruit!



Your digestion will thank you for adding in flaxseed which is rammed with fibre to help keep you ticking over nicely and naturally. An ancient grain (yes, like quinoa or spelt), flax also offers the body Amino-3 fatty acids, vitamins and works to improve cardio-vascular health. We love to hide spoonfuls in our baking and stir ground flaxseed into porridge. Your body will thank you.


Chia Seeds

These little seeds are like gold in the system. Unlike flax, they don’t need to be ground to get to work, the body will happily absorb these from the get-go. Oozing all the fatty acids you could like (more per gram than salmon!) along with lots of lovely fibre and anti-oxidants, we could list the vitamins included in Chia all day long (calcium, magnesium, managanese…) One of the most beneficial things about Chia seeds is that they swell in the body making you feel fuller for longer and they’re also gluten-free! Why not try Chia pudding as a breakfast or snack – what a way to start the day!


Cacao Nibs

Now, whoever tells us that chocolate is a superfood is definitely our friend. In all seriousness, cacao nibs are good for you and worthy of inclusion in everyone’s diet. The least processed, most natural way to enjoy chocolate, these are like mini roasted shards of the cacao bean and have a distinctly more bitter, slightly nuttier taste. One of the best dietary sources of magnesium and potassium, cacao nibs also include fibre and help to lower cholesterol. We love these in pancakes or sprinkled throughout granola for hearty yet healthy weekend breakfasts.