fruit juice recipes

Last week, we took a look at the juicing craze, and some of your options for picking up the habit at a low cost, meaning you can put our weekly fruit deliveries to your office (if you’re lucky enough to have them!), to the best use.

We call juicing a ‘habit’, and indeed we refer to habits quite a bit on this blog, because healthy eating and getting more fruit into your diet is just that, a habit. Just like going to the gym, brushing your teeth or anything else, making the framework to start and continue a habit easy can be a huge benefit.

So with that in mind, here are three easy, tasty, healthy juicing recipes that you can take down and create quickly, using our fruit baskets.

1- Tasty Green Goliath

Ingredients – Add a handful of spinach, one talk of fresh celery, one medium sized green apple, half a pear (to taste), a small amount of ginger (not necessary, but delicious!) and serve over ice cubes for a tasty green pick me up.

2- The Health Helper

Ingredients – A swig of this vitamin-packed (A, B, C, E) beverage will fuel your whole body! Simply add one small mandarin orange, one pear, a red apple and one carrot to 2-3 cherries. Tasty!

3- Auntie Oxidant

Ingredients – Antioxidants in some berries boast potent anti-ageing benefits. Now who doesn’t want that?! For this recipe, which contains only 150 calories, add 2-3 juicy strawberries, a handful of blueberries (great for antioxidants, try in porridge too!) and one large mango. You could also throw in a banana for some extra sweet surprise! Serve over ice and enjoy.