Businesses should always be in evolvement, moving forward and improving based upon open conversations with their customers.

So, to begin the year, we wanted to do a little bit of Q&A with our customers about how they find our fruit delivery service, whether their workplace health has improved, and a few other questions into their employee eating habits.

First up, we talked to Claire Walsh from Zendesk. A cloud-based customer service platform that includes ticketing, self-service options, and customer support features, the company is preoccupied with worker happiness, like many of the large tech. companies that have moved to Ireland in recent years.

According to Claire, “one of the perks about being a Zendesk employee is we provide drinks and snacks for all staff. I wanted to ensure that everyone maintains a healthy diet when they start work here so providing good quality fruit is the best way to get people to eat it! There’s a noticeable difference between supermarket bought fruit and the fruit that ‘Fruit People’ provide. It tastes 100 times better and I have had to up our weekly order recently because it’s so popular.”


On the blog, we’ve spoken quite a bit about the importance of heathy habits, and having fruit delivery fit into our daily routine. Similarly, Claire is conscious of this. “As an office manager, I try to provide snacks that are healthy where possible – lots of people are aware of diet especially when you’re sitting in front of a computer all day so energy foods and healthy snacks for body and mind are key for productivity.”

Of course, there’s a benefit to employees in that they feel better, and the benefit to employers is that they work better and there’s less sick days too. Win-win!

As part of a wider trend, we’ve noticed a bigger emphasis on health and wellbeing in the workplace. In Zendesk, Claire is a proponent of this too. “Towards the end of 2014 I ran a ‘Wellness Wednesday’ campaign, every Wednesday I sent a mail with a new focus for that week – the HSE did a great campaign called ‘Little Things’ so I used their content. I treated the staff to some fruit smoothies during the healthy eating week and now for 2015 I plan to organise some yoga at lunchtime to get staff off to a good start for the year.”

Fruit smoothies and lunchtime yoga? Sounds like a place we’d like to work!