Having an office lunch caterer is something that everyone in the office will appreciate; after all, we all love delicious food!

Careful planning is recommended when selecting an office lunch caterer. After asking some of our customers what they thought was important to consider when choosing a caterer for office lunches, we’ve put together a list of things businesses should think about:

The budget

Before shopping for a catering service provider, you should know your budget. Shop around, compare prices and understand what is included in the caterer’s service. You will want to ensure the cost is within your budget while providing high-quality food and service.

Food quality and menu variety

As we’ve mentioned above, providing high-quality food is very important. Ask the caterer for sample menus and food to get a sense of the quality of the food – you’ll want delicious, fresh and well-prepared food.

We also recommend ensuring the menu suits as many tastes and preferences as possible. Do they offer fruits as well? A menu with variety will ensure that there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Have a look at our Top tips to create the best office food menu; it can help you decide if the caterer’s menu is right for you and the team.

Dietary restrictions

With so many people having different dietary restrictions, choosing a catering service that can accommodate various dietary needs is extremely important.

Ensure the caterer has options for vegetarians, vegans and for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions. Ask for menu options and ingredient lists.

Experience and reliability

When choosing a caterer for office lunches, experience and reliability are crucial. You’ll want to ensure you work with a catering partner that is prompt, responsive and can meet any needs on time. Look for an experienced caterer who knows what needs to be done to provide an enjoyable lunch experience.

The caterer’s reputation and customer reviews

Before choosing the office lunch caterer, factor in if it has been recommended by someone that’s had a positive experience using their service. You can also read reviews online to vet your options.

Look for reviews that mention the quality of the food, their reliability and if they were friendly to the staff.

The caterer’s availability and capacity

Finally, we recommend thinking about logistics too when hiring lunch catering services. Can the caterer fit you into their schedule, and do they have enough staff to produce and deliver the food your office needs?

Looking for an office lunch caterer?

We’re confident that the above tips above will help you choose the right caterer for your business, and we would appreciate it if you would consider us among your choices.

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