About The Fruit People

From simple beginnings in 2013, The Fruit People is now the leading office fruit box specialist in Ireland.

For our office customers, we supply fruit & healthy snacks to over a thousand Irish companies of every size – from SMEs to large corporations. With 250,000 pieces of fruit leaving our warehouse every week, quality control & customer satisfaction are our main priorities. Everything is delivered on time & in perfect condition… no exceptions.

Only the freshest fruit, snacks and beverages make it into our customers offices deliveries. We’re adding our favourite products weekly, so not only can you get all your fruit needs but now you can stock your pantry & get the essentials like bread & milk too.

Workplace health and wellness

Since The Fruit People was founded, we’ve witnessed a change in the way companies treat their employees, and we are proud to be a small part of that.

At the beginning of our journey, Ireland was just out of recession, and companies were very cautious with their budgets. ‘Superfluous’ office costs were low on the list of priorities for an office manager or HR director.

But with multinationals such as Google, Facebook and Amazon bringing a new work culture to offices in Ireland, attracting and retaining employees became a much more competitive exercise for businesses. The trend towards focusing on employees as a valuable business asset, and rewarding them accordingly, has led to an increase in office perks.

Dedicated Health & Wellness officers can be found in many businesses now, and providing fruit boxes is one – extremely cost-effective – way to send a positive health message to employees.

The benefits

 The benefits of providing free fruit at work are now well-known. From this minimal investment, companies can expect benefits such as:


Better team

Enhanced health
& wellbeing


Improved corporate image & reputation

Try it for yourself! Order a free trial box!

Setting up an office fruit box delivery is quick and simple. Why not order a sample box so that you can taste our delicious fruit for yourself. One bite and you’ll be back for more!