A list of office pantry essentials every office should have

When trying to lead a healthier lifestyle, one of the key factors in succeeding is accessibility. In the same way that it is easier to snack on unhealthy foods such as chocolate bars and sugary drinks when they are nearby, it’s just as easy to pick up a healthy alternative when your office is full of them! This blog post will give you a run down of some office pantry essentials that every workplace should have. You will also notice that a lot of these foods work extremely well together!


Porridge oats are one of the most versatile foods out there. Not only can you quickly make a hearty bowl of porridge by adding some water or milk before heating in the microwave, they can also be used to thicken up smoothies or be added to yoghurt.

office pantry essentials

Rice cakes

These low-calorie snacks come in many different varieties (we love the dark chocolate ones!). Add some peanut or almond butter and chopped up banana for a tasty treat that is full of healthy fats and potassium.

Peanut/almond butter

Warning: make sure nobody in the office has a nut allergy! Once you’re in the clear, we highly recommend investing in a big tub of nut butter. Almond, cashew and hazelnut butters are quite a good bit more expensive than peanut, but if you split the cost with a colleague it’s definitely worth it! We love adding peanut butter to smoothies, on chopped up segments of apple and as mentioned above, rice cakes.

office pantry essentials

Protein powder

We would class this as optional as opposed to essential but it’s still worth a mention. It’s very important that you are getting enough protein in your diet especially if you train a lot. Having a tub of protein in the office is a great way to help you with this. Protein can be added to smoothies, yoghurts and oats as well as having it straight with some water or milk. Whether it’s a whey or vegetarian protein you look for, why not ask a colleague or two to split the cost and share it?

Milk (almond/dairy/oat)

Although this one is probably already in your fridge, why not mix it up and begin buying some oat or almond milk to add a twist to your morning coffee or porridge! Top tip: you can also order milk from The Fruit People.

office pantry essentials


Yoghurt is fantastic source of healthy fats and is great for your digestive health. With many types to choose from, we normally go for a good quality Greek yoghurt (make sure it’s not Greek-style) or a natural yoghurt that has been made with live-cultures. Try adding some honey, nut butter, granola, protein or fresh fruit to your yoghurt to add some extra nutrients and extra deliciousness to it.

office pantry essentials

Mixed Nuts

Mixed nuts are without a doubt one of our favourite go-to snacks when we are out doing deliveries. Packed full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals, these superfoods are a great source of energy. 


C’mon, surely you knew fruit would be on this list at some point! Fruit are packed full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and are a great source of slow-releasing carbohydrates. You can add them to smoothies, yoghurt, juices, desserts…just about anything. Make our fruit part of your office pantry essentials and watch your healthy eating habits soar!

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