Plain ‘ol lemon and sugar not doing it for you anymore? However you’re indulging in pancakes this Shrove Tuesday (9th February), we have some fantastic pancake recipes we want to share with you from Irish bloggers, chefs, restaurants and companies. Make sure you’re stocked up with our deliveries of fresh fruit to ensure you’re getting your five-a-day whilst still indulging to your heart’s content. Ready, set, flip!

Carolanne’s Kitchen Banana Bread Pancakes


Prepare yourselves for these, lads; you’re about to become hooked. Carolanne Rushe from Sligo blogs at Carolanne’s Kitchen (and also co-owns the city’s Sweet Beat Café) and these banana bread pancakes are an absolute revelation! Healthy to boot, these are made with oats, almond milk, cacao and banana… we might just spread ours with lashings of caramel-flavoured Biscoff ‘Speculoos’ spread too.

Siúcra’s Hotteok


Siúcra‘s take on hotteok, sweet Korean-style pancakes filled with spices, brown sugar, chopped nuts and black sesame seeds. An unusual and interesting way to make pancakes if you’re looking for a challenge (or to impress a few colleagues!)

Pikalily’s Crêpes Suzette


Nial and Helen are the newlywed couple behind Pikalily, a food blog based in Northern Ireland. Fusing the French dessert classic, Crêpes Suzette, with an Irish twist, these are served with Jameson marmalade sauce – the ideal dessert dish if you haven’t managed to have a crêpe or two at breakfast, lunch or dinner time!

Peachy Palate’s Matcha Coconut Pancakes


Michelle Hunt from Peachy Palate‘s matcha green tea coconut pancakes look so healthy and delicious that you’re definitely allowed a couple of these green cakes at breakfast! Naturally sweetened, gluten-free and low in carb… you’d be crazy not to size up to this stack of fluffy flippers.

Donal Skehan’s Superfood Oat Pancakes

donalskehan_blueberry pancakes

Donal Skehan‘s luxurious take on gluten-free pancakes from his new book, Fresh, are superfood-filled and fulfilling all the same. These oat cakes are served with sliced banana, blueberries and coconut yoghurt before being drizzled with local honey and topped with superfood bee pollen. We can hardly resist!

Gastrogays’ Ricotta Pancakes


London-based Irish food bloggers Gastrogays have a deadly recipe for lighter-than-light fluffy ricotta pancakes served with seasonal apple compote and thick Greek yoghurt. So good in fact, even Nigella Lawson gave them a shout-out saying how great they were!

Bodyfirst Nutrition’s Protein Pancakes

Coconut-Flour-Pancakes bodyfirst

Bodyfirst Nutrition, the Clontarf-based fitness, sports nutrition and health food company, have many recipes for pancakes but we’re big fans of their protein ones. If you’re part of the #FitFam and not wanting to slip off the wagon, these are a great way to ensure your protein intake without forgoing one of the most necessary food-related days of the year! Here’s four ways with protein pancakes from their blog. They deliver all the supplements, health food products and fitness accessories right to your door – or right to your office desk just like us!

Eathos’ Buckwheat Berry Pancakes

Buckwheat pancake Eathos

One of Dublin’s best new healthy eating restaurants, Eathos on Baggot Street serves buckwheat pancakes every single morning from 7am (and all day weekends for brunch) with coconut yogurt, berries, toasted pecans, cacao nibs and finished with a drizzle of maple syrup for just €8! Deeeelicious!

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