Our business is all about fresh fruit delivered with impeccable, memorable service, so we make sure we build a relationship with all of our clients and get to know them a little better. Kicking off our ‘Meet Our Customers’ series we chat to Michelle Kavanagh from CITCO about her office’s eating habits in the heart of the IFSC.

Michelle works as an Executive Personal Assistant to the Managing Director at CITCO in the IFSC, Dublin city centre. In addition to her busy, fast-paced role she also organises company events and sits on the sport & social committee, which naturally led to her researching office fruit delivery in Dublin after spotting a gap in the nutrition at her workplace. A year ago we set up our fruit delivery service in her office – where vending machines are the only available snack, if employees haven’t brought in their own – and we chatted to her about her company and experience of the service so far.

Michelle Kavanagh Citco

Talk us through your job, Michelle!

I started with Citco in 2006 as part of the administration team after working in the hotel industry for nine years – four in San Francsico and five here in Dublin. Citco has an excellent reputation and it’s the type of company where you can grow and progress; things are constantly developing and changing, keeping my job really interesting.

How do you find your own and your colleagues’ nutrition habits in the workplace?

I find everyone is making a conscious effort to eat healthy breakfasts and lunches; there’s less sugary cereals visible in our kitchens during the morning and more salads in the fridge at lunchtime. Personally, I have started walking with a colleague on Monday, Wednesday and Friday for my hour lunch break; we grab a salad on the way back to the office. That’s cardio done for the day!

Where or how did you find The Fruit People?

I found The Fruit People online (almost a year ago). After researching between three or four different companies I decided to give the Fruit People a trial, we were super impressed! It has to be said that all Fruit delivered is top quality!

How often are the deliveries that you get and how quickly did the office embrace the service?

We get a delivery every Tuesday morning, which is very well received by all; we love the freshness and variety of the Fruit and Berry Bundles, we also enjoy the Apples – so juicy and tasty! We’ve had amazing feedback since starting “Fruit Tuesdays”. The staff really look forward to the delivery, having fresh fruit of such high quality and so tasty available in the office keeps us all away from the unhealthy options.


What time(s) of day do you/your colleagues find it hardest to stave off sugar cravings?

We have vending machines in our building with some healthy and not so healthy snacks. We definitely have a 4pm slump! So I’d say around 3-4pm is when we crave a little Chocolate or some sugary Jellies.

Has anyone used the fruit in a unique way or added it into a meal they bought/brought in?

We got extra berries delivered on Pancake Tuesday, the staff enjoyed creating different verities of pancakes using fruit and berries.