Lemons may make some shriek from their sourness, but these sunshine yellow citrus beauties are worth their weight in gold for the various properties they possess and the many uses they provide. Here’s five top tricks with lemons, whether you have them leftover or you have some ordered in your next Fruit People delivery!


Avocado and avoca-don’t

Keep your avocado fresher for longer with a slice of lemon. It’s widely known that avocados are packed full of fat – fantastically healthy fats that our bodies will love us for, mind – and sometimes only half of one will be necessary for lunch or dinner. Never find a brown, mushy, forgotten avocado in the fridge again by following these two simple steps.

Keep the stone in (so always use the stone-free half first) and top the leftover half with a large slice of lemon then leave the avocado in the fridge until you need it. The avo will be as fresh as the first time it was cut whenever you get the chance to eat it… though we wouldn’t leave it more than a few days.


In the same way, it will work wonders for apples and pears too. Any fruit that’s been cut and exposed to the air will benefit from a hefty drizzle of lemon juice to keep it fresh, moist and colourful.


Casual Office Dressing

Citrus is absolutely essential for sharp dressings. Salads can be so boring but a zingy dressing will pep up your designer leaves in one fell swoop without the need to bulk up with additional toppings for added flavour. The easiest dressing in the world is simply lemon juice, olive oil and mustard. Smidgens of each whisked (or shaken) together will result in an emulsified, thick and fresh dressing to perk up your salad. Season with salt and pepper and get your drizzle on!


Kerb the Caffeine

Okay, coffee is fantastic. No one is taking any accolades away from the beauty of espresso; it’s a given, it does make the world go ‘round. But maybe, just maybe, we have one or two more cups a day than we ordinarily should – or more than we actually need. Try replacing one cup a day with lemon in hot water, which mimicks the act of caffeine consumption in a much more natural and healthy way. It’s super good for your body.

Try it alongside breakfast while you try wake up and adjust to the working day, believe us, you will see and feel benefits – least of all stained teeth, lemon juice mixed with baking soda has been known to even reverse those effects! Lemon water is fantastic hydration anytime of the day and will help towards detoxifying the body as they are chock full of Vitamin C and anti-bacterial qualities.


Cut It Out!!

You’ve been cutting lemons wrong all this time! Chop them lengthways down the middle, rather than widthways, it will release more juice. Also, by rolling them on the countertop or by lightly microwaving for a few seconds you will ensure a greater yield from this sprightly citric fruit.

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Love Meat Tender

Leave your steak or any tougher cut of meat meltingly tender by marinating it in a lemon and herb solution either before OR after cooking. We particuarly love Nigella’s idea of a lemon and thyme post-searing bath. Lemon also works wonders for part-cooking raw fish – healthy, fresh Peruvian-style ceviche has become a restaurant menu staple over the past few years.

Craving some lemons now? Take out a subscription to our fruit delivery service for your entire office and feel the fruity benefits in an instant. Lemons don’t come as standard, but we happily tailor every box to our customers’ exact specifications, so for as little as 0.40c extra you can enjoy the healthy benefits of this citrus superstar in your deliveries!