This Friday, 27th March, marks Ireland’s very first National Workplace Wellbeing Day and companies are being called upon to improve employee health and wellbeing with simple steps and small changes toward a healthier and more active workplace. If you ask us, the fruitier your workplace, the better!

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Have a think about what your workplace is doing for you? Clock in, clock out; day in, day out. Is your team just a set of numbers to your directors? Have you identified aspects of your daily routine that may be improved by a greater culture of nutrition and exercise? On the other side of the coin, are your staff members happy and productive? If not, how do you create a great workplace with a healthy, positive environment?

You Can’t Compare Apples & Oranges

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Great Place To Work is a global training, research and consultancy group aiming to enrich working environments by encouraging businesses to strive for a high-trust workplace culture. Ever wonder why so many companies consistently and consecutively rank amongst the ‘top rated places to work’ lists or receive accolades fro the most ‘employee-oriented’? You know the ones we’re talking about and, though you can’t compare apples and oranges, it’s not just large organisations with millions to spend on their staff – small and medium businesses are snapping at the heels of larger international firms by tailoring their workplace to get the best out of their staff.

Health And Wellbeing At Work

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Great Place To Work believes workplace wellbeing all squeezes down to an atmosphere of trust and businesses that revel in that are bearing more fruit than ever, they find. Revolving around that basic need of trust is a set of individual principles to please both management and employees; an employee wants to be respected, have camaraderie and gleam pride from their work performance, whilst management want to use both employee skills and close-knit teamwork to achieve organisational objectives – one must always trust the other to have their best interests at heart. Employees want to be listened to and their wellbeing looked after. Employers want a healthy, energetic and alert staff to smash targets and achieve goals. When everyone is satisfied it’s all peaches and cream…

fruit-box-deluxeWhat Makes A Great Workplace?

A feature of great workplaces is cherry picking benefits to suit your workforce, like offering a generous bonus scheme, organising sports days or instilling healthy habits in staff – somewhere we can definitely help with our fruit delivery service supplying fresh, healthy fruit to snack on throughout the working day. Benefits boost morale and satisfaction, allowing companies to reap rewards in the short, medium and long term. Short changes can make huge impacts, for example healthy meals in the canteen, collegial fitness programmes and offering extra curricular skills services.

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Whether you’re in customer services, client management or crunching the numbers on excel sheets all day – we all deserve to take pride in our jobs and get the best from the daily duty. What’s your workplace lacking that may boost morale and wellbeing?


If you would like to spritz a bit of zest into your office or give your staff’s nutrition habits a spring clean, sign up to trial our delivery service today and see what change occurs in your team.